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Remote Learning
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2023

What is Remote Learning?

Remote learning, also sometimes known as distance learning, is different from virtual learning. While virtual learning is academic instruction and education that takes place solely online as an option for long-distance students or those taking classes around full-time jobs, remote learning is instruction provided to students from a distance based on a need. For example, Grand Valley typically offers over 40 online and hybrid degree, badge, and certificate programs. During the Winter 2020 semester, however, the need arose for remote learning due to COVID-19. All courses—whether online, hybrid, in-person, studio or labs—went fully online, and students received instruction from their professors at a distance. 

How does this affect me?

Having your in-person class moved completely online can be stressful and reveal a lot of unknowns in how your class may function. Don’t panic! GVSU has compiled a list of resources for students and faculty alike in their transition from in-person courses to remote learning. The following list of resources are services available for students learning from a distance. Have a question? Reach out to us at or text (616) 818-0219. 

  • University Libraries
  • Knowledge Market: A one-on-one peer consulting service provided to students for guidance on research, writing, speech, and digital information.
  • Resource Market
  • Liaison Librarians: Finding and using information can be challenging. There is a specific liaison librarian for each subject area at GVSU, and they can help you with your research.
  • Library Help Site: Have a question about your research, or what services the library offers? We have you covered! Drop by the Library's Help Site to find what you need.
  • Student Academic Success Center: Resources for time/self management, test taking, procrastination and motivation, etc.
  • Division of Student Services: Provides a wide array of available campus services, such as academic support, finances, and wellness.
  • Student Help for Blackboard: eLearning resources for students using Blackboard.
  • IT Service Desk: Provides students with Blackboard, login and password resets, and a variety of technology support for online and hybrid students.

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  6. Liaison Librarians
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  8. Division of Student Services
  9. Student Help for Blackboard
  10. IT Service Desk

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