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Renewing your library materials

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Answered By: Matthew Reidsma
Last Updated: Jan 03, 2019     Views: 726

To renew your checked out items, click on My Account from the Library website and choose "Library Catalog - Books and More". Log in and select the items you wish to renew and then click the "Renew Selected" button. 

Any of our GVSU-owned books (expect for Popular Reading) can be renewed as often as needed, as long as they are not requested by someone else. Popular reading books will have a (1) two-week renewal.

MeL books can usually be renewed once.

For books, the amount of extra time you get with each renewal depends on your GVSU status: 

  • Undergraduate students get 3 weeks with each renewal. 
  • Graduate students get 4 weeks with each renewal.

GVSU audio materials can be renewed up to 2 times, as long as they are not requested by someone else. Each renewal adds 2 weeks to your loan period.

GVSU video materials can be renewed once, as long as they are not requested by someone else. The renewal adds 1 week to your loan period. 

Videos borrowed from MeL cannot be renewed.

Laptops can be renewed once. 

Magazines and Journals
Bound magazines and journals can be renewed twice, as long as no one else has requested them. Each renewal extends the loan period by 4 days. 

Curriculum Materials Library Materials
CML materials follow their own renewal policies. Everything available through the CML can be renewed twice, if it has not been requested by someone else.

Books and magazines
When renewed, the due date for books and magazines is extended by 3 weeks for undergraduate and 4 weeks for graduate students. 

Educational media
Each educational media renewal adds 2 weeks to the loan period. 


For more information on renewals, please visit the policies page. If you are unable to renew an item you believe you should still be able to, please check to make sure it hasn't been recalled, and then get in touch with us at the library. You can reach us by phone at (616) 331-3500, text at (616) 818-0219 , or by email at