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Social Media Surveillance
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023

What is Social Media Surveillance?

“Social media surveillance refers to the collection and processing of personal data pulled from digital communication platforms, often through automated technology that allows for real-time aggregation, organization, and analysis of large amounts of metadata and content” (Freedom House). 

How do I Protect My Information on Social Media?

Make sure you are aware of the risks that come from sharing your personal information online. There are people and corporations out there that specially seek to collect data on you. Resources are provided below, but here are a few things to keep in mind right off the bat: 

  • Set your profiles to private—only let people you know and trust to view your personal information
  • Try your best not to interact with strangers on the Internet too much
  • Use passwords and other login information that is unique difficult to guess
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi you’re using is private and protected
  • Do not reveal too much private information—only what is necessary

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  1. National Cyber Security Alliance
  2. Surveillance Self-Defense
  3. Ally

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