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GVSU Banner Self-Service
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2023

What is Banner Self-Service? 

Banner is an administrative software application developed specifically for colleges and universities, and GVSU uses it to maintain information on its students, faculty, and staff. You’ll use your GVSU username and password to log in to Banner. It includes a variety of functions and tools in one integrated, modern, cloud-based platform. This is the central way you’ll communicate and engage with the university and all of its departments and offices. Banner makes it very easy and convenient for students to keep track of their statuses at GVSU, and to access any information they might need. 

What can you do on Banner Self-Service?

Banner is really helpful because as the student, you are able to access all of the tools you need to be successful quickly and efficiently. It also allows GVSU’s different departments to communicate information with you in a central location, and you with them. For example, you’ll likely interact with the Registrar, Housing, Parking, Financial Aid, and Records offices through Banner. Some things you’ll use Banner for include:

  • Register for classes 
  • Pay your electronic bill 
  • Review your financial aid status 
  • Declare your major, and see who your advisor is
  • Apply for on-campus housing using MyHousing
  • Stay on track for graduation using MyPath, a degree-planner
  • Check your final grades, and see a copy of your transcript

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