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Last Updated: Feb 21, 2023

What is a file management system?

A file or document management system is a software used to organize and store documents and other data. Common examples of file management systems include Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. When accessing files on a single laptop or computer, it can be easiest to save documents locally, on your desktop. However, if you know you’ll need to access the files from multiple devices—for instance a school computer and a personal computer—it may be preferable to save them on a cloud-based system, such as Google Drive or OneDrive. This allows you to access your files anywhere you have internet connection.

How can I organize my files?

You can organize your files any way that will be useful for you, but most people choose to create systems of folders. For example, you might make a couple of folders on your desktop, one for each subject, and name them as such. For instance, a WRT 150 folder. Then, you might have three folders inside that folder, one for each of the three papers you’ll need to turn in. When you write your papers, you can save documents inside those folders, like a PDF that you find helpful and want to reference while you’re writing, plus the essay itself, maybe plus a few charts you’d like to include. That way, you can stay organized, and when you’re looking for a particular source, you know exactly where it will be. 

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