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Connecting with a Digital Department
Last Updated: Apr 11, 2023

How do I find a department’s website?

One way to locate your department’s website is through your College. All GVSU Colleges have their own website, so if you know what college your academic department falls under, this would be a good place to start. For instance, on the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (or CLAS) there is a page titled “CLAS Units, Programs, Centers and Institutes” under the drop-down menu for “About the College”. By navigating to this page, you can view all the various departments contained within CLAS and see what majors or programs fall under each department. You can repeat this process with other Colleges at GVSU as well.

Another way of locating your department website is by searching for the name of a major, program, department, or even a faculty or staff member in that department using the “Search People and Pages” search bar on the GVSU homepage.

Why connect with a digital department?

Knowing how to access and navigate a digital department is essential to finding information relevant to your current program and the many other programs that GVSU has to offer. You can find the following information on department websites.


  • Mission, values, and future plans
  • Their physical location
  • A list of majors, minors, or programs and the requirements of each
  • A list of faculty and staff members and what they do 
  • Information about extracurricular opportunities (ie: internships, research projects, study abroad programs, shadowing, student organizations, etc.)
  • Information about advising, tutoring, and other support offered to students

How do I connect with someone in that department?

If you have general questions or are unsure who to contact, you can reach out to the department’s office by calling, emailing or visiting in-person. Their contact information and address is listed at the bottom of the homepage for each department. 

If you have a specific faculty or staff member you would like to speak with, you can find their contact information on the department’s website, usually under the headers “About Us” or “Faculty and Staff”. Some faculty members list their office hours here as well, but if you haven’t been acquainted with them yet, an introductory email is usually a good place to start.

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