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Q. Proofreading and Editing


edit:  "To prepare, set in order for publication" OED

proofread: "To read (text, esp. in proof) in order to find and mark errors for correction." OED



After you’ve drafted your paper, sought feedback, and revised, you might be ready to begin editing or proofreading your work. It can be difficult to find your own mistakes within your papers, so here are some resources to support you along the way! - Taken from Proofreading Strategies


Consider browsing this helpful handout: 

  1. Proofreading Strategies
  2. Organization Within Paragraphs
  3. Writing Center Handouts on Clarity: Grammar & Punctuation



One of the last big steps involved in any project is that of editing -- when you look for changes that can be made which WON'T change the core/bulk of your project. At the Knowledge Market, making edits means making those small changes that improve readability, clarity, elegance, and respect. 

We recommend that the types of edits that can happen during this phase be SAVED for the last little bit of your time with this project -- if you're looking to make big changes, think about looking into "revisions."


Changes that can be made during the editing step include:

  • Sentence-level changes
  • Word changes
  • Spelling changes
  • Paragraph organization
  • Title changes
  • Deleting unhelpful content
  • Adding material to help your reader


  1. Active and Passive Voice
  2. Apostrophes *
  3. Bias-free Language
  4. Capitalization
  5. Commas *
  6. Confused Words
  7. Dashes
  8. Pronoun Use - You Attitude
  9. Proofreading Strategies
  10. Reverse Outline
  11. Run-on Sentences
  12. Sentence Fragments
  13. The Colon
  14. The Semi-colon*
  15. Types of Sentences
  16. Wordiness


Ready to try the next phase? We can help you at any of the STEPS along the way!


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