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Q. Selecting a Speech Topic



Before you can get to work on your presentation, you need to know what you're talking about! In some cases, the topic will be pre-selected for you in the form of a specific class assignment but in others, the assignment will call for you to select your own topic. Choosing a topic can be overwhelming, so consider these questions:

Topic Selection for an Informative Presentation

  • Is there an area of interest you've always been fascinated by that is unrelated to your major or area of study? Take this as an excuse to learn more about it and then teach your audience about it.
  • Is there something you know a lot about that others don't? 
  • Is there an experience you've had that others haven't?
  • Is there something you know how to do that other's don't?

Topic Selection for a Persuasive Presentation

  • Is there an issue that gets a strong reaction (positive or negative) out of you? Remember, it doesn't necessarily have to be heavy or controversial –– many consider pineapple on pizza to be a divisive issue!
  • Is there a cause you believe in that you want to bring attention to?
  • Is there a policy or change in status quo you want to enact?

Carefully consider each of these questions. If you still find yourself drawing a blank, it may be that you just need to bounce ideas off another person! Schedule an appointment at the Speech Lab.

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