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Q. Team Writing


Team Writing & The Group Paper

Working in teams can be stressful, and when an assignment involves writing, a group needs to be as cohesive as possible. Sometimes, navigating group dynamics is tricky for a number of reasons. Members can potentially feel as if their efforts aren’t recognized or rewarded, which can result in a struggle to continue putting forth effort. With an understanding of team collaboration methods, members can learn how to better cope with common group dynamic concerns. Preliminary Stage Considerations -- Taken from Team Writing


There are three main types:

  1. Face to Face: The team sits down and writes together, meaning 1 or 2 people type while the others give input. This requires the most individual effort and often produces tension.
  2. Divided: Each member individually writes a section of the document. This involves the least amount of collaboration, but it is the most time efficient.
  3. Layered: Each person has a role in the group and works on the document, adding their own expertise over time. As everyone makes revisions and alterations, it becomes complete in layers. This collaboration method most closely resembles the kind that takes place in workplace settings.

Every group should discuss and decide which type of collaboration is best for themselves, the group, and the assignment. Although, the layered collaboration method is generally recommended, because it involves both face-to-face and divided interactions when appropriate.  -- Taken from Team Writing

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