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Q. Research


"research, n. 1. The act of searching carefully for or pursuing a specified thing or person; an instance of this. Frequently with after, for, of. Obsolete. 2. a. Systematic investigation or inquiry aimed at contributing to knowledge of a theory, topic, etc., by careful consideration, observation, or study of a subject. In later use also: original critical or scientific investigation carried out under the auspices of an academic or other institution. Occasionally with of; now frequently with intoon(a) As a mass noun.  (b) As a count noun. Frequently in plural. b. Investigation undertaken in order to obtain material for a book, article, thesis, etc.; an instance of this. Cf. c. The product of systematic investigation, presented in written (esp. published) form. " OED


research, v. 1. a. transitive. To engage in research upon (a subject); to investigate or study closely. b. intransitive. To carry out a course of research. Usually with in, into, on.  c. transitive. To engage in research for (a book, article, or other work). In early use frequently with well. Cf. OED




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