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Q. Credibility


"credible, adj. 1. a. Able to be believed in, justifying confidence; convincingly honest, principled, or authentic and often, as a corollary, accurate (passing into sense A. 1b); trustworthy, reliable. b. Able to be believed; convincingly true or accurate.(a) Of an assertion, account, etc. (b) Of a matter of fact: with anticipatory it. c. Able to be believed in as effective or operational. Originally of a nuclear weapon: considered likely to be used (cf. credibility n. 1b). 2. Ready, willing, or inclined to believe; credulous. 3. Having or deserving credit or repute; creditable, reputable. Now only of an action, effort, or performance." OED



When evaluating a source for credibility, ask yourself:

  • Who is the author, and what is their background? 
  • Where was the article published? 
  • Is it a magazine, newspaper, or journal article?
  • Is the journal scholarly, academic, pr peer-reviewed?
  • Is this resource accepted and cited by others in the field?


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1. Evaluating Sources

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