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Q. Argumentation


argument:  "A statement or fact advanced for the purpose of influencing the mind; a reason urged in support of a proposition [or] A connected series of statements or reasons intended to establish a position (and, hence, to refute the opposite); a process of reasoning; argumentation." OED




Argumentative assignments presumes an audience who disagrees with your opinion. To be effective, you must clearly set out your position, expose common misunderstandings, and anticipate/respond to opposing ideas. As you write, remember to be respectful and considerate of those who disagree. 

Types of Argumentative Assignments include:

  • Argumentative Essays
  • Persuasive Speeches
  • Problem-Solution Papers
  • Review
  • Debate



Consider browsing these helpful handouts: 

  1. Academic
  2. Argumentation
  3. Argumentative Papers
  4. Attention to Audience
  5. Avoiding Logical Fallacies in Your Writing
  6. Literature Review
  7. Note-taking
  8. Outlining: Introductions and Conclusions
  9. Persuasion
  10. Persuasive Speaking Formats
  11. Pitch
  12. Problem Solution Paper
  13. Response Paper
  14. Review Paper
  15. The Communication Triangle
  16. Thesis Development
  17. Thesis or Dissertation at GVSU
  18. Thesis Statement
  19. WRT 150: First Year Writing
  20. Organizing your Argument, by Purdue OWL


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