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Q. Informative Projects


expository: "Of, pertaining to, or of the nature of, exposition; serving to set forth the meaning (of something); containing an exposition; explanatory" OED

analysis: "A detailed examination or study of something so as to determine its nature, structure, or essential features. Also: the result of this process; a detailed examination or report; a particular interpretation or formulation of the essential features of something." OED

What are informative projects?

Informative projects (e.g. Informative speeches, expository essays, analysis papers, compare-contrast essay, etc.) are meant to provide readers with a deep dive look into a topic or idea in a fair (balanced) way. The writer/speaker is expected to explain a topic, by comparing or contrasting/researching deeply/etc., in order to show how something works not based on an argumentative read, rather, in an objective or factual way. 


How to do it:

When you're asked to provide an analysis or to analyze something, that means you're expected to dig deep into an idea/concept and provide observations about what you discover. Sometimes, an analysis is accompanied or paired with an argument -- based on what you discover through your analysis, you might find flaws or benefits within the idea/concept. 

Be sure to find out what type of analysis you're supposed to provide, if it's attached to an assignment!


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