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Requesting an item from GVSU

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Answered By: Matthew Reidsma
Last Updated: Jun 20, 2016     Views: 424

Need something? Follow the steps below to have a GVSU library item placed on hold for you:

  1. Search the library for what you need.
  2. Once on the item's page, click the "Request It" button.
  3. Pick the library location that works best for you! 
  4. Submit your request by clicking "Request selected item."

Items in the automated storage and retrieval systems  (ASRS, or "book robot") will be ready for pickup within a few minutes. Items in the stacks will take a little longer. We'll email you when your item is ready, or stop by the service desk to get it sooner.

If you finish all these steps and realize you need the item at a different location, don't worry! Simply head to your library account's requests page and use the dropdown menu to choose a new location. If your request is ready to be picked up and you still need it transferred, just give us a call at (616) 331-3500. We will be happy to transfer it to another GVSU library for you!

If someone else already checked out what you need, you may be able to request the item through another Michigan library. You can also recall the item--just be aware that they have ten days to return the item after you recall it. If you need something quickly, call (616) 331-3500, or email us at to let us know, and we will do our best to help you out!

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