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Q. Picking up requests

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Answered By: Matthew Reidsma
Last Updated: Jun 20, 2016     Views: 821

How to check the status of a request
When your requested items are ready to be picked up, you will receive an email letting you know.  In the case that you don't receive such an email, you can find the same information by checking your account on the library website:

  1. Click "Renew Books Online" and then log into your account.
  2. On the right it will say "Requests (holds)" with a number to the left. Click and you will be taken to a list of your requests.
  3. When your request is ready to be picked up, it will say "Ready" and include the date by which you must pick up your hold. If the status currently says "Available," that means it is still available on the shelf. 
  4. To the right of the status will be the pickup location for your hold. 

Change your pickup location to another library
You can change your pickup destination for an item that is not yet ready to be picked up. To do this, log into your account. You can reach your account by clicking "Renew Books Online" from the main library webpage. Simply click "Requests (holds)" and, using the drop down menu, select where you want the book to go. 

If your item is ready to be picked up, you can still transfer the request to a new location. Simply call us and let us know at (616) 331-3500.

MeL requests
Any items requested through MeL will be placed on hold behind the service desk at your chosen library. You have 10 days to pick up the item; after 10 days we return the item to the lending library. 

GVSU requests
If you request an item from another GVSU location, it will be placed on the express hold shelf at its destination. Once on the hold shelf, we will hold the item for 7 days. At the Steelcase and Frey Libraries, ask for your hold at the service desk.

At the Mary Idema Pew Library, the express hold shelf is next to the service desk. To locate your item on the shelf, check the paper that is placed around the item. It will be labeled with the first three letters of your last name. Once you find your request, you can either proceed to self-checkout or head to the service desk for someone to check it out for you.

Still on the shelf?
Are you faster than us and got to the book first? No problem! If you have put a book on hold, but it is still on the shelf, feel free to grab it and check it out ahead of your hold. You don't have to wait for us. 

Someone else already requested it?
Let us know if you need something that is already on hold for someone else. We can help you find another copy at GVSU or through MeL to get your research back on track.