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Turn off Zotero proxy redirection

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Answered By: Katie Motush
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2022     Views: 769


Zotero's browser extension, Zotero Connector, can be a convenient way to save links and article citations from anywhere on the web. However, it also includes a built-in feature to automatically add proxy redirection to links, and this can sometimes cause errors when using the Library webpage to search.

What is proxy?

GVSU's proxy server allows off-campus users to access subscription resources by routing them through GVSU's Central Login service, while on-campus users do not need to log in. Typically, you may see the proxy show up as "" at the beginning of the link to a resource.

Errors caused by Zotero

When using the Library search page or list of databases, proxy is already added to any links that need it. If Zotero Connector is running on your browser, it may add proxy to links that don't need it. This may result in an "Off-Campus Access" error page, or you may run into this screen when trying to use the main "Find It" search box from the Library webpage:

EBSCO error reading "A System Problem has Occurred"

Fixing the errors

If you see the yellow Zotero banner at the top of an error page like in the image above, a quick fix could be to click on "Don't Proxy This Site", then go back and try your search again. However, this is only a temporary fix. To permanently turn off proxy redirection, you need to get to the settings for Zotero Connector. You can do this by clicking "Proxy Settings" if you're seeing the yellow banner. Otherwise, you'll need to access your browser's extension settings and find Zotero there. The settings location varies by browser. If you have a Zotero icon for the extension in the upper right corner of your browser, you may be able to right-click it and choose "Preferences". Otherwise, you can go to your browser's main settings page and look for the "extensions" section.

Once you've found the settings page for Zotero Connector, there should be a section for "Proxies". In this section, you can uncheck the box labeled "Enable proxy redirection". Then, restart your browser to be sure the change goes into effect.

Zotero connector proxy settings with proxy enabling unchecked

This should permanently stop Zotero Connector from interfering with links from the GVSU Library search pages.

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