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Finding permanent links on ScienceDirect

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Answered By: Katie Motush
Last Updated: Jul 13, 2020     Views: 6

This article demonstrates how to get a permanent, shareable link from ScienceDirect. For more information and instructions for other platforms see: Sharing links to e-resources

For articles on ScienceDirect, it’s fine to copy and paste the URL from the address bar in your browser. There is also a DOI link below the article title. This will work as a permalink as well, though it’s best to test it first to make sure it loads the expected article.

screen shot with permanent link options highlighted

If you’re accessing ScienceDirect on-campus when you copy the link, you may need to add the proxy prefix so off-campus users are able to access the article. Please visit the Link Fixer tool for more information and to test and adjust your link if needed.

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