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Finding permanent links on EBSCO databases

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Answered By: Katie Motush
Last Updated: Jul 13, 2020     Views: 40

This article demonstrates how to get a permanent, shareable link from EBSCO databases. For more information and instructions for other platforms see: Sharing links to e-resources

EBSCO databases have a toolbar along the right side of articles, where you will find a button labeled “Permalink”. Once you click there, a permanent link will appear just above the article title. Click on the URL in the text box to highlight, copy, and paste the link.

screenshot of EBSCO article with permanent links highlighted

The permalink always goes to the “Detailed Record” view of the article. In other words, there’s no way to link directly to a PDF version; users have the option of clicking “PDF Full Text” from the left sidebar if a PDF is available.

Permalinks from EBSCO will already have our “” prefix added, so they will work on- and off-campus.


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