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Q. Faculty: Make eReserves folder in Blackboard visible to Library Staff

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Answered By: Matthew Reidsma
Last Updated: Aug 09, 2019     Views: 77

1. Log in to Blackboard

And navigate to the course you want to add your reserves to.

2. Get your Blackboard Course Code

Your Course Code is under Content Collection. It looks something like "GVPHI102.01.201930". You'll need this later to know which course eReserves folder to add.

2. Select "Add Menu Item" (the plus icon)

Blackboard menu, selecting add "Content Area"

The plus icon is in the upper left of your course menu. Select "Content Area" from the dropdown menu.

3. Name the Content Area "eReserves"

Naming the new content area "eReserves" and making available to users,

Check the box to make it available to users, then click Submit.

4. Click on the new eReserves link

This opens the new Content Area.

5. Click "Build Content > Item"

Build content item settings in Blackboard

This will create space for the eReserves folder.

6. Give the new item a name

Use something like "eReserves Fall 2019." Using the term is helpful in case you Course Copy the eReserves folder into future semesters.

7. Under Attachments, click "Browse Content Collection"

Attachment settings, selecting Browse Content Collection

The eReserves folder is in your content collection. We just have to find it.

8. Hover over the word "Browse" and select "Library Content"

Browse content collection, with Library Content selected

The eReserves folder lives in the Library Content area.

9. Select the folder that matches your course ID

The eRserves folder with the Blackboard Course ID as a name

Make sure you choose the correct semester! The code for the 2019-2020 school year ends in 202010.

You may have several different courses listed. Make sure to match your eReserves content with the course code of the course you are adding reserves to.

10. Click submit once.

You will now see the name of the eReserves folder under "Attached file."

11. Click submit again.

Completing the process to add the new content item

This will add the eReserves link to the menu for your students.

The eReserves content as an attached file under the eReserves link

Need help? Contact Course Reserves at or (616) 331-3500, or the Blackboard Admin at or (616) 331-8526.

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