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Q. Faculty: Reuse a previous course's reserve items

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Answered By: Matthew Reidsma
Last Updated: Sep 06, 2017     Views: 126

1. Log in to Course Reserve

Visit and use your GVSU username and password.

2. Select the course you want to copy

Courses are listed one per row.

Find the course you want to copy in the table. If you taught this course a few semesters ago, you might have to click the "View past classes" button at the bottom of the class list.

3. Select "Clone Class" from the last column

The clone course button is in the last column of each row in the table.

Update the semester and section numbers, and choose which items should copy into the new semester. You can add new items later.

4. Click "Clone Class" when you're done.

Your course is now available in the active course list.

Need help? Feel free to get in touch with Course Reserve staff at