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Faculty: Add Electronic Resources to Blackboard

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Answered By: Matthew Reidsma
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2023     Views: 1275

Faculty are welcome to add the University Libraries’ electronic resources (i.e. journal articles, streaming videos, etc.) directly to their Blackboard courses. We highly recommend using links. Linking directly to library resources allows us to collect accurate usage statistics. (Please, note that library materials showing little to no usage may be removed from the library’s collection at any time.)

The eLearning Technologies Team created a guide on using the Library Search Tool in Blackboard. This is specifically useful for linking to the libraries’ electronic resources. Alternatively, the below steps can be used for sharing any resource links.

Adding Links to Blackboard

1. Search for Materials

Search for library materials using any of these methods:

If you’d like help finding e-resources, contact your liaison librarian.

2. Copy the permanent link

Find the permanent link to ensure the resource will be accessible to all your students.

3. Authenticate the link

Paste the permanent link into the Link Fixer tool to ensure the resource can be accessed from any location. Copy this updated resource link.

4. Add the link to Blackboard

Log into Blackboard and add the updated link to your course as a web link.



Additional Options

Electronic Textbooks

If you are interested in converting print textbooks to electronic textbooks, please know that this is typically not possible because of publisher licensing. We encourage you to work with your liaison librarian to secure electronic textbooks or alternatives. You can also request a list of potential Open Educational Resources by emailing your course syllabus to

Digitized DVDs

If you are interested in digitizing a DVD for your course, please know that this may take up to 2 weeks. You can complete this Digitization Request form, and library staff will determine if the request meets fair use guidelines.

Uploaded Files

If you plan to upload any files to your Blackboard course, be sure to consult our copyright information and fair use resources. For additional information on copyright compliance, please contact

Physical Items

If you are interested in reserving physical library materials for student use, review the current Course Reserve policies and request process. For any questions about Course Reserves, please contact